Friday, August 20, 2010

New Face and Reason to Blog - Yay!

Welcome to You're Not Hot.

Isn't it lovely when you're surfing the web, or creeping your favourite networking site and stumble across a friend of a friend in a random party picture...and you can't believe what they're wearing? Or how they did their makeup! Have you ever seen the girls who over-tan, look orange, wear too much bronzer all over their face or don't even match their face makeup to the tan on their body?
How about when people abuse their eyebrows? Check out the example in the picture. She seriously needs to put down the tweezers - poor girl, even she looks shocked!
Hilarious stuff to someone like myself. I like to get dolled up but as a person with some good sense, who could easily be a makeup artist or stylist, I am far too busy designing for companies who want their businesses to look good, than to go out and make myself orange on purpose or bother with false eye lashes.
However, I can always make time to help the girls who need advise and tell them that what they're doing isn't sexy, and that honey, You're Not Hot!


Anonymous said...

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