Friday, August 20, 2010

New Face and Reason to Blog - Yay!

Welcome to You're Not Hot.

Isn't it lovely when you're surfing the web, or creeping your favourite networking site and stumble across a friend of a friend in a random party picture...and you can't believe what they're wearing? Or how they did their makeup! Have you ever seen the girls who over-tan, look orange, wear too much bronzer all over their face or don't even match their face makeup to the tan on their body?
How about when people abuse their eyebrows? Check out the example in the picture. She seriously needs to put down the tweezers - poor girl, even she looks shocked!
Hilarious stuff to someone like myself. I like to get dolled up but as a person with some good sense, who could easily be a makeup artist or stylist, I am far too busy designing for companies who want their businesses to look good, than to go out and make myself orange on purpose or bother with false eye lashes.
However, I can always make time to help the girls who need advise and tell them that what they're doing isn't sexy, and that honey, You're Not Hot!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Notable Vintage and Stunning designs

I had to write a post specifically for these two websites because I absolutely love trolling through the listings! Both offer clothing and are completely different styles respectively, but have a real charm about them.
I love Seam Sew Swell because it offers really unique vintage clothing at very reasonable prices. These are the things that you spend hours searching through GW (Goodwill) or VV (Value Village) for. And though you may be lucky to find your size, there are many things that grab you that you might just have to have even if it doesn't fit!

Beklina is completely different. It offers eco-friendly fabrics, brand-new, unique handmade pieces but they come with a hefty price tag. I don't mind splurging on something I love, I've been known to do it. If you feel it's something you could love forever, then $150 for an item won't be such a burden. Whatever you feel, take a look and enjoy the interesting styles.

I find it all very inspiring!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Is For My Girls.

Here are some random blogs I came across that make me feel inspired. I hope I can make someone else feel the same way and that you girls love them like I do!
Sew Nancy
- lovely girly trinkets and crafts.
Flavour Swap - beautiful food! Inspiring, makes food even better (if that's possible!)
Organic Orchard - pictures of apples in the orchard
Tokyo Daily Photo - we all like a little culture, so check this out! (Watch for the starbucks ladies)
Expanding the Albertsons - a wonderful young christian family
FRK.Kreativ - lovely things, I just wish I knew what the captions meant.
Susi.A - AMAZING home decor, do not miss this!
Sylvia's Creation Bags - awesome handmade bags! Check out her profile for more blogs on cool handmade items! Let's place an order...;)
Only Shallow - I absolutely love this, and I think Jenna will too!
A Pot of Rose Tea - Definitely cute stuff here :)

I hope you enjoy these, and check back often as I keep adding to the list.
Love you!

GoodHouse Livings International (Taiwan)

GoodHouse Livings International: makes water-saving spa showerhead.
Notice that they aren't strangers to the saying "sex sells". I'm not sure how they get away with this!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You have probably seen it before.

I thought this was pretty hilarious so I wanted to add it.


I am a huge Simpsons fan!

Beautiful Wallpapers

I just came across 14pixels, a website full of beautiful wallpapers. There are thousands of wallpaper websites out there, but rarely do I find that I like any they offer. Enjoy taking a look and download them for yourself!

Have you heard?

The world is going to end in just four years.
I don't even know where to start with this entry, except to say...why wasn't I informed of this sooner?
2012 is the big number, significant according to the Mayans, to Merlin (King Arthur's oracle), to an ancient Chinese fortune telling book 'I Ching', and the Egyptians amongst many others.
The craziest and scariest prophesies throughout history have foretold of a doomsday, the end of the earth. Some of this coincides with Christian Prophesy in the book of Revelations in the bible, not so much to do with the return of Christ, but I've heard of scientific explanations going so far as to say that this *thing* could potentially occur in the Winter Solstice of 2012 due to an unusual celestial alignment.
In the year 2012 there is supposed to be another total Solar Eclipse, which usually doesn't occur that often with so few years in between. I remember the last one, I believe it was in 1999 while I was on an airplane flying between England and America with my family. We were above the clouds, absolutely mesmerized, trying to fashion pin-hole boxes to watch it so we didn't stare directly at the phenomenon. It's this solar eclipse and it's alignment with the milky way's black hole that makes it significant.
I am not entirely sure on the specifics, and one can easily Google the twentytwelveology that is sweeping the web to find out more. You will come up with things like: 'milky way black hole', 'Mayan Calender coming to an end', 'shaman prophecies', 'shifting of the earth's poles causing cataclysm' yadda yadda yadda. Sounds a little scary, maybe I won't keep on reading...
The point is that we don't know for sure, and that's probably why we haven't been told about this in a worldwide Independence Day style announcement that the world is going to crack and eventually explode.
It's just theory, a little curious perhaps, and you can investigate it for yourself. But for now, it might just teach us to appreciate each day we have left to show love to those we care about the most.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Haircut Picture.

It's up. Check it!

On relationships...

So I have already started this little relationshippy blogging thing with a previous post on confidence and what-not. I will be back and forth with my topics (maybe I should have mentioned that somewhere at the start of my blog before my poor readers get confused). Between my personal life, my relationship advice and graphic design/art and various interests, I hope you find something interesting to read about. 
Okay, so I haven't managed to get myself a picture of my new haircut up... stay tuned for that! It will arrive eventually. Oh gosh, as I type I am realizing that I have so much work to do...breathe...and it has me overwhelmed at times. What am I doing writing here...
I am typing this mess for a reason (I think) because I was on facebook earlier [don't judge me] wanting to write a new note like I usually do when I am inspired or mulling something over during the day. 
Today is about intimacy. No, not the naughty kind, but the real kind. I keep thinking a little here and there, about the sort of man I hope to be with one day (one can only dream). While I have kept myself out of harms way in the world up until now, occasionally allowing myself to trip and fall, I am wiser, content and more reserved therefore not really searching (read: desperately clamoring) to find a good man anymore until my heart is right and my head is clear. I have finally decided that I don't want to wait anymore, and although I have one hopeful prospective, I can't help find myself feeling rather impatient on the matter! I want to know what real intimacy is in a healthy, positive relationship, where two people become so close and transparent, enjoying the connection that vulnerability brings. 
Sounds a little cliche, but whatever, it's out there, people! It normally only lasts during the first phase of a relationship (where people are smitten and 'in love') but I'm talking about the unconditional love where they get on your nerves but are still your best friend through and through.
I think at this point in my journey, after betrayal and heartbreak, I am just wishing to be at peace and know how to trust again. I know that if you cannot trust, you cannot give your heart fully and love in a way that is unconditional.


I am a graphic designer, self taught and always frustrated.
Most of the time I haven't got a clue if I am doing it right, but the praise I get usually keeps me on track. I like to update my style using tutorials and I am re-learning photoshop to expand my skills from just vector graphics.
Here is a picture of a poster that has me up in arms. It is for a party at a ski resort I live near and I'm usually on the ball with this stuff. Except this time the girl I am designing them for (who throws the party) doesn't seem to like it! I think it's the face...but honestly, this underwater blue party theme is really difficult (where everything is blue!). As part of a women's series party (to celebrate women) I figured I would go for an ethereal mermaid theme, not something so obvious like having blue ocean waves (seeing as that's her company name, blue wave events) or some underwater glistening water shot. I am not sure what to think as this is still being edited to her liking, and her instructions aren't very clear. Any thoughts? I need to grow my style, get into my PSD niche, but I'm almost there...I think.

*Update: It seems the poster has been approved for printing, no serious changes made! yay.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Confidence and Self Respect

One thing I have learned on my 'relationship journey' is the importance of having confidence and self respect. Self respect might mean different things to you and I, based on your moral upbringing and standards etc. but the key is to know where you would draw the line when someone treats you badly. If somebody does this, you should know how to affectively deal with them and the situation if you have a good grasp of self-respect.
I learned that I was once too dependent on validation and lacked self-esteem to understand this concept of 'teaching people how to treat you'. In the past I have allowed boyfriends to take advantage of my good nature or been forced into feeling responsible for them and their happiness. Or single-handedly responsible for keeping the entire relationship functioning. A one-sided relationship is selfish and very draining for the co-dependent. I do not recommend that sort of arrangement for anyone.
Whatever the circumstance, each relationship, good or bad, relies upon each individual's sense of self-worth and self-respect. I had to learn the hard way, but what it all comes down to is learning to search inside yourself, being honest and asking questions such as:

-Is this the kind of relationship I imagined for myself?
-Do we get along the way I hoped?
-Am I too concerned with being validated by this person?
-Do I really value myself enough to make changes?
-I am using this relationship to answer deeper questions I have about myself?

Those questions might seem a little obscure but they're precisely what I asked myself. I had to search deep within for reasons why I acted and reacted to things the way I did, why I felt so dependent on the other person and why I needed to hear sweet things to make me feel complete. Romance is wonderful, but when a relationship causes you to forget what you deserve and you give up your mental independence, that's when a relationship can be toxic.
After such a draining relationship I had to get back to the source to find out who I am, what I am meant to do with my life and why I didn't feel 'good enough'. For me, that meant rediscovering my relationship with God, finding out who He created me to be and gain that sort of peace knowing that things were just so because He made them that way.
All it takes is just one step forward, admitting this [situation] wasn't what you planned for and you want to make changes. Being strong is hard, but having the right friends and support is the best place to start when getting re-aquainted with your self-respect and confidence.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Book Idea...

...Is slowly turning into a blog idea.
For a short while I have been considering how difficult it may be to write a book for people like myself, another one of those awful relationship self-help books (of course) geared toward women based on my own experiences. I feel ridiculous writing this, but I find myself sharing little tips and tid-bits to friends and young girls etc who are struggling with the whole 'men are from mars, women are from venus' problem us human beings go through. The problem is that nobody really knows for sure how it all works, why people do what they do and how to handle it!
It will be hit and miss, and no doubt I won't be very popular with some ladies and gents. My theories are mainly Christian-based and probably not for everyone. But mind the holes as you step into my thoughts and I'll introduce some basic ideas on how to be stronger, smarter and to help you discover how to better-handle tough situations.