Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have you heard?

The world is going to end in just four years.
I don't even know where to start with this entry, except to say...why wasn't I informed of this sooner?
2012 is the big number, significant according to the Mayans, to Merlin (King Arthur's oracle), to an ancient Chinese fortune telling book 'I Ching', and the Egyptians amongst many others.
The craziest and scariest prophesies throughout history have foretold of a doomsday, the end of the earth. Some of this coincides with Christian Prophesy in the book of Revelations in the bible, not so much to do with the return of Christ, but I've heard of scientific explanations going so far as to say that this *thing* could potentially occur in the Winter Solstice of 2012 due to an unusual celestial alignment.
In the year 2012 there is supposed to be another total Solar Eclipse, which usually doesn't occur that often with so few years in between. I remember the last one, I believe it was in 1999 while I was on an airplane flying between England and America with my family. We were above the clouds, absolutely mesmerized, trying to fashion pin-hole boxes to watch it so we didn't stare directly at the phenomenon. It's this solar eclipse and it's alignment with the milky way's black hole that makes it significant.
I am not entirely sure on the specifics, and one can easily Google the twentytwelveology that is sweeping the web to find out more. You will come up with things like: 'milky way black hole', 'Mayan Calender coming to an end', 'shaman prophecies', 'shifting of the earth's poles causing cataclysm' yadda yadda yadda. Sounds a little scary, maybe I won't keep on reading...
The point is that we don't know for sure, and that's probably why we haven't been told about this in a worldwide Independence Day style announcement that the world is going to crack and eventually explode.
It's just theory, a little curious perhaps, and you can investigate it for yourself. But for now, it might just teach us to appreciate each day we have left to show love to those we care about the most.

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