Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Is For My Girls.

Here are some random blogs I came across that make me feel inspired. I hope I can make someone else feel the same way and that you girls love them like I do!
Sew Nancy
- lovely girly trinkets and crafts.
Flavour Swap - beautiful food! Inspiring, makes food even better (if that's possible!)
Organic Orchard - pictures of apples in the orchard
Tokyo Daily Photo - we all like a little culture, so check this out! (Watch for the starbucks ladies)
Expanding the Albertsons - a wonderful young christian family
FRK.Kreativ - lovely things, I just wish I knew what the captions meant.
Susi.A - AMAZING home decor, do not miss this!
Sylvia's Creation Bags - awesome handmade bags! Check out her profile for more blogs on cool handmade items! Let's place an order...;)
Only Shallow - I absolutely love this, and I think Jenna will too!
A Pot of Rose Tea - Definitely cute stuff here :)

I hope you enjoy these, and check back often as I keep adding to the list.
Love you!

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Jenna Witty said...

this is awesome... I am going to check some out once I have some time!! love yah!!
come see me sooon!