Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Blog and Judgement.

So here it is, my first blog. 
I'm not sure how long I will keep this up because it's like as soon as you start filling this stuff out on a daily basis you don't have a life, and as soon as you do get a life your fan-base fizzle out. Did that make any sense?
I only know that I did this sort of thing a long time ago on myspace *gasp* and I don't think I celebrated my 3 month anniversary. I know some people who write out their feelings and experiences regularly and others who swear they would never ever start because it's actually quite a scary thing when you think about it. I am so aware of how people judge others, and I used to let it affect the way I felt about myself, but one must admit that sharing one's innermost feelings and thoughts can be daunting when one realizes how fickle one can be! I can't believe I just referenced myself with a number. Anyway, the point is, I like the idea of sharing how my life is going, but noone can be expected to keep up that sort of transparency. I find that I might be happier and more open one day, and quieter and sadder the next. We are all different people when we want to be, but the trick is to not be a hypocrite about it, and how do we do that? By not judging other people.
Happy blogging people; just enjoy being yourselves and I will do the same.

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