Monday, March 17, 2008


I am a graphic designer, self taught and always frustrated.
Most of the time I haven't got a clue if I am doing it right, but the praise I get usually keeps me on track. I like to update my style using tutorials and I am re-learning photoshop to expand my skills from just vector graphics.
Here is a picture of a poster that has me up in arms. It is for a party at a ski resort I live near and I'm usually on the ball with this stuff. Except this time the girl I am designing them for (who throws the party) doesn't seem to like it! I think it's the face...but honestly, this underwater blue party theme is really difficult (where everything is blue!). As part of a women's series party (to celebrate women) I figured I would go for an ethereal mermaid theme, not something so obvious like having blue ocean waves (seeing as that's her company name, blue wave events) or some underwater glistening water shot. I am not sure what to think as this is still being edited to her liking, and her instructions aren't very clear. Any thoughts? I need to grow my style, get into my PSD niche, but I'm almost there...I think.

*Update: It seems the poster has been approved for printing, no serious changes made! yay.

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