Monday, March 17, 2008

On relationships...

So I have already started this little relationshippy blogging thing with a previous post on confidence and what-not. I will be back and forth with my topics (maybe I should have mentioned that somewhere at the start of my blog before my poor readers get confused). Between my personal life, my relationship advice and graphic design/art and various interests, I hope you find something interesting to read about. 
Okay, so I haven't managed to get myself a picture of my new haircut up... stay tuned for that! It will arrive eventually. Oh gosh, as I type I am realizing that I have so much work to do...breathe...and it has me overwhelmed at times. What am I doing writing here...
I am typing this mess for a reason (I think) because I was on facebook earlier [don't judge me] wanting to write a new note like I usually do when I am inspired or mulling something over during the day. 
Today is about intimacy. No, not the naughty kind, but the real kind. I keep thinking a little here and there, about the sort of man I hope to be with one day (one can only dream). While I have kept myself out of harms way in the world up until now, occasionally allowing myself to trip and fall, I am wiser, content and more reserved therefore not really searching (read: desperately clamoring) to find a good man anymore until my heart is right and my head is clear. I have finally decided that I don't want to wait anymore, and although I have one hopeful prospective, I can't help find myself feeling rather impatient on the matter! I want to know what real intimacy is in a healthy, positive relationship, where two people become so close and transparent, enjoying the connection that vulnerability brings. 
Sounds a little cliche, but whatever, it's out there, people! It normally only lasts during the first phase of a relationship (where people are smitten and 'in love') but I'm talking about the unconditional love where they get on your nerves but are still your best friend through and through.
I think at this point in my journey, after betrayal and heartbreak, I am just wishing to be at peace and know how to trust again. I know that if you cannot trust, you cannot give your heart fully and love in a way that is unconditional.

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Jenna Witty said...

Hay Hannn
I love this, it reminds me of our talk waaay back when we stayed up until the wee hours. I love your outlook, and your faith in God's timing... it's exactly what He calls us to do.
Keep on feeding into your intimacy with Jesus, it is what will bring you the rigt guy, because he will be a man that will be attracted to your walk with God, and will be looking for it in a woman. This woman = YOU!!!
I love you... LOVE your blogs ----
Come visit sooon!